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Noah’s Ark Preschool

Preschool and Casual Care Centre

32 Highfield Road, Quakers Hill, NSW

Postal Address: PO Box 146, Quakers Hill 2763 
Phone: 02 9837 5749; Fax: 02 9837 2288

Web: qh.nsw.uca.org.au/noahs-ark  Email: admin@noahsarkpreschool.org.au or director@noahsarkpreschool.org.au

Waiting List Application


Child’s Name:         ______________________________________________

Date of Birth:        ______________________________________________

Parents/Guardian:  ______________________________________________

Address:                ______________________________________________   


Telephone: Home __________________Work/ Mobile ___________________


Are both parents in paid employment? ( Or seeking employment or studying?)_______________________________________________


Does your child have a disability, allergy, learning delay?



When would you like your child to begin? __________________________

Preferred Days (circle)

Mon             Tues            Wed            Thurs           Fri

How did you hear about the Preschool? _______________________________


Parent/Guardian Authorisation:


Sign ____________________________ Date ________________________


*** You will only be notified if a position is available ***


If you need an interpreter for this form please call 131450

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Ron Doe Children's Ministries 555-555-6666 rondoe@email.com 
John Doe Associate Pastor 555-555-5555 johndoe@email.com 
Sally Doe Youth Pastor 555-555-0000 sallydoe@mail.com 
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